The 12th International Expo for Textile Fabric & Accessories Hangzhou China  (2012CHITE)

     [launch time] 2012 06 27 - 29

     [exhibition site] Hangzhou International Conference and Exhibition Center (No. 329 on Tong Road)

     Hangzhou branch of the China International Trade Promotion Committee

     China International Chamber of Commerce Hangzhou chamber of Commerce Business Development Center

     China International Chamber of Commerce Hangzhou chamber of Commerce

     Hangzhou International Chamber of Commerce garment Specialized Committee

     [unit] organization of Hangzhou Global Exhibition Co. Ltd. Hangzhou Han Bo Exhibition Co. Ltd.

     [CO organizer] China International Trade Promotion Committee, Pudong branch, Shanghai

     China International Chamber of Commerce, Pudong, Shanghai chamber of Commerce

     Hangzhou Hangzhou ladies' Association

     Hangzhou Fashion Designers Association

     [Hold the same period]Face to face exchange meeting with garment designers and purchasing staff


"Twelfth 2012 China (Hangzhou) international textile fabrics, Accessories Fair" since 2001 for the first time since, with the rapid development of the global textile and garment industry and continue to grow. Hangzhou Fang Bo will has become the manufacturers at home and abroad to expand sales and develop potential customers for the gold platform demonstrated through 11 years of success. At the same time, also known as the Zhejiang area of the largest, highest level, exhibits the most extensive coverage, exhibitors and professional visitors to the most professional exhibition.

【Last overview】

uexhibitors: the previous exhibition area of a total of 36000 square meters, a total of 17 countries and regions from the participating exhibitors. Which accounted for 71% of domestic exhibitors, overseas exhibitors accounted for 29%. Booth in accordance with cotton, hemp, silk, wool, chemical fiber, functional fabrics, knitted accessories, and other types of partition arrangement. Successive exposition success proved that long-term in fabric exhibition enterprises still very active, new types of fabrics enterprises were also held growth trend, especially this year, an increase of some outstanding new enterprise carrying the promotion of new fabrics to come to exhibitors, domestic several special industrial base is in the form of exhibition pavilions attended the exhibition.

     V audience: "2011 Hangzhou Textile Expo" for the three consecutive day of exhibition. At-

tracted a total of  40297  (incomplete statistics)  the  name o f the industry  buyers to visit. 

Clothing manufacturers and trade import and export companies accounted for 73.38% of the


【Media crusade】

     1, print media publicity: we will be more than 40 professional media and the central category,

 local class a newspaper, magazine widely publicized exhibition, formInto a national network by

 the Zhejiang radiation plane media.

     2, network publicity: in the publicity on the basis of the exhibition, we will work with a profes-

sional  information  provider, for  the visitors  to  visit the  official website of the show.The most

 timely exhibition, industry information and the dynamic information of exhibitors. At the same 

time, we will optimize the search engine and keyword set, easy to visit

     Search and show related information.

     3, a huge database of resource: through association and organization of professional buyers 

database invites a wide range of textile, apparel, home textiles, bags, shoes, hats,Manufacturers 

and foreign trade import and export company's business executives, purchasing managers or 

designers and other related industries and people come to visit, purchase.

     4, direct mail: Printed 50 million copies of the invitation and exhibition information, and thr-

ough a variety of ways to  direct  mail  or  send  to tens of  thousands  of  professional visitors.

Followed by

     Thereafter, the new exhibition professional call center team staff will be one to one notice,

invite and remind every professional visitors to the show. 5, SMS promotion: we will be in front 

of the exhibition to lock hundreds of thousands of textile and garment related industries lead-

ing mobile phone numbers, through SMS invitation, remind potential In the audience to visit

 the exhibition, to expand the visibility and influence of the exhibition.

【Some buyers】

Louis Vitton、Hermes、Dior、Givenchy、Chanel、Pierre Cardin、Yves Saint Laurent、Lacoste、Y-3、St.Dupont、lanvin、Playboy、Tommy Hilfiger、Ralph Reebok、GAP、ADIDAS、Pinky&Dianne、Uniqlo、Yohji Yarmamoto、Mizuno、Nikko、NEXT、ONLY BALLY、Vero Moda、Jack Jones、LOEWE、Joop、Windsor、LOTTO、Banana、Zegna、ELLE 、恒源祥、三枪、贝拉维拉、威丝曼、万事利、蓝天鹤舞、非主流、罗马盾、凯喜雅、千百惠、班顿、喜得宝、秋意浓、浪漫一身、女性日记、雅戈尔、维科、杉杉、罗蒙、太平鸟、博洋、洛兹、培罗成、申洲、巨鹰、美特斯邦威、报喜鸟、庄吉、法派、丹顶鹤、森马、乔治白鄂尔多斯、红领、即发、绮丽、巴龙、新郎希努尔、波司登、千仞岗、洲艳、秋艳、九鹿王、顶呱呱、新雅鹿、红豆、宜禾、兽王、野风、汉帛、太子龙、蓝色倾情、江南布衣、秋水伊人、鳄鱼、流金岁月、娅茜、水中花、北天鹅 ......

【Exhibition schedule】

     Exhibition: 2012 06 - 25 August 06 2012 26 August

     Exhibition: 2012 06 27 --29 days

     From the afternoon of 29 March: 2012 06

【Scope of Exhibits】

     Fabric: wool linen cotton | | silk, chemical fiber | tatting | fabric coating | knitting | fabric |

     flocking fabric | functional textile material | composite fabric |Lace embroidery, elastic 

     fabric, textile fabric, fabric, printing cloth, printing cloth, hot stamping, nano technology, 

     textile testing, etc.;Accessories: | button zipper | trademark | reflective material | embroidery

     lace embroidery cloth | | | | | | tag | lining shoulder pads Clothes hanger, transfer printing 

     material, printing label, bar code, line, belt, thread, sewing thread, embroidery thread, fashion belt, etc.;

     Yarn: circular knitting transverse | series | knitting | woven | knitted socks | fancy | purl | wool yarn |

     natural fiber | synthetic fiber such as; Home textile: Bedding curtains | | sofa | decorative cloth | 

     | lace tassels | | rag carpet | down products and accessories;Other: clothing software /CAD/CAM

     laser engraving and cutting equipment, textile and garment (city) commercial real estate, etc.;

Professional undertaking organization

       Gebo exhibition perennial committed to market research and development work, the annual regularly 

       in national each big, small city and characteristic industry base

       Visit the production enterprises, and then according to their needs targeted invitation to buyers, one 

       to one business matching services, at the same time, also in the

       Major national exhibitions and organize professional visitors.


女装行业多品牌经营 可突破单一品牌运营的瓶颈
A spring fair to let the world focus on Keqiao



Twelfth the 2012 China (Hangzhou) international textile fabrics, Accessories Expo

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