In the downward trend of the international economy, the processing trade based textile clothing industry has been subjected to an unprecedented impact. China's textile and garment industry's most influential three exhibition "China International Clothing and Accessories Fair" "China international textile fabrics and accessories (spring and summer) Fair" and "China International Textile yarn (spring and summer) Exhibition" will be on the 26th in Beijing after the opening, focusing on the "across the dilemma", the government, associations, enterprises together to promote brand promotion, market integration of resources, enhance strength of the industry to deal with the crisis.

    In recent years, international market is fatigued and weak global textile processing trade competition more intense, and raw material price fluctuations, production costs soared and other factors superimposed, and let the ownership of labor intensive, export proportion is big wait for a characteristic of textile industry faces great challenges. China Garment Association executive vice president chendapeng said three exhibition debut over the same period, will promote the promotion of China's textile industry brand and product innovation, promote the domestic and foreign market integration of resources, enhance the strength of the textile industry to deal with the crisis, continued to promote the structural adjustment and industrial upgrading in the textile industry.

    Will on the 26th, take the lead in the opening of the 20th session of the China International Clothing and Accessories Fair exhibition area of nearly 110000 square meters, a total of exhibitors from 21 countries and regions of more than a thousand apparel brands. Exhibition will "through" as the theme while parallel held China Fashion Forum, discussion, aims to explore the crisis in garment industry how to through the difficulties, seeking for development and innovation, optimize the product structure, improve the level of brand operation.

   In addition, 2012 China international textile fabrics and accessories (Chun Xia) fair, 2012 China International Textile yarn (Chun Xia) Expo will be 28, 29, respectively, in beijing.



A spring fair to let the world focus on Keqiao
Meidefeng debut 2012 China international textile fabrics and accessories (Qiu Dong) Expo



Three major exhibition of China textile industry focus"Through the dilemma"

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